What you can expect

Give us a call and this is what you can expect. The Cooler guy charges 74.95 per hour + 15.00 trip charge, plus parts. We are happy to give free estimates for new installations and cooler replacements. We can help you whether you have one cooler on your house or 200 on a complex. We work on industrial sizes too.

Why we are worth your time

One business and one busines only, EVAPORATIVE COOLING! Installation, service and repair of evaporative coolers in Tucson and southern Arizona. Whether you have many coolers or just one, we are the best. Why? Because we give you a quote and we get the job done, on time and for the price quoted. We carry with us a truck load of pads and parts to get your job done on the spot.


Welcome to the Cooler Guy's web page! Serving Tucson, Arizona for 20 years; the Cooler Guy specializes in evaporative cooler installation, service and repair for all evaporative coolers. All sizes, manufacturers and quantities.


3144 E 45th St.
Tucson, AZ 85713

Please call us for professional, quality work. We are available when ever you need us.

The Cooler Guy, Inc. evaporative coolers , that's it!

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